Dean Cain Talks About the Time He Took Brooke Shields' Virginity

Dean CainDid you hear Brooke Shields' big confession? In her book There Was a Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me, the star who was once known as "America's virgin" opened up about losing her V-card in college to her then-boyfriend Dean Cain. The God's Not Dead actor chatted with Meredith Vieira recently and shared his side of the story.


Not that there’s really anything scandalous to share. In an interview to air Monday, December 8, on The Meredith Vieira Show, Cain said, "We are still great friends ... I was in love with her certainly, we were in college, sweethearts ... There was nothing I did to her that I'm ashamed of in any shape or form. So I said [to her] write away and hopefully it will be cathartic for her and she can sort of deal with that huge portion of her life."

Shields wrote in her memoir that being raised by a devoutly Catholic mother, combined with being a child actor who had made a very public vow of chastity, kept her a virgin until she was 22 years old. She and Cain fell in love when they were both undergrads at Princeton, and after years of dating, she finally decided to go all the way with her first love.

"It should have been what I had wished for myself, but in an instant, guilt slapped me in the face," Shields wrote. "Instead of giving in to what was a loving, and emotionally safe, relationship, and escaping into the most intimate and deserved moment, I began to cry deeply and silently ... I got so overwhelmed that I jumped out of my bed and bolted out of the room."

She continued, "I was buck naked, streaking down a hallway and running as if I had just stolen someone's wallet. What a sight! Dean leapt up and ran after me with the comforter in his arms. He threw it around me, grabbed me around my shoulders, and stopped me from running."

And how does Cain feel about the experience and now the fact that she's writing about it? Pretty good, actually.

"It was a big thing in her life," he said of his ex-girlfriend. "America's virgin, it's a big deal and she felt the weight of the world and everybody watching her and that was, I think placed from her mother, and I think was one of the things that was very tough for her."

He admitted that he tried to be a gentleman when Shields bolted after the fact. He described what he did to comfort her, and I gotta say, it sounds like he was a super sweet boyfriend.

"It was just to go with her and be with her and chill her out because it wasn't such a big deal," he said. "It wasn't like it was some awful giant thing, but she saw it that way, but I was just there to be there and calm her down and that worked."

He also admitted that even though they've both moved on, he still cares for her deeply as a person.

"We truly had a wonderful relationship, we were two young people and we cared for each other," he explained. "She is a wonderful person, girl, woman, and mother ... and wife, just going to put that out there."

Awww! It sounds like Shields had so much pressure on her over her virginity, and she picked a gem of a guy to lose it to. I'm glad she was able to get over the shock and horror of losing it and that she had someone who loved her to help her through at the time.

Was your first time memorable?


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