Duggar Sisters Jill & Jessa Passive Aggressively Feud on Twitter

Jessa Seewald, Jill DillardWhoa. Did Jill Dillard just unfollow her newly married sister Jessa Seewald on Twitter? Burn. The 19 Kids and Counting stars have been keeping their social media followers entertained throughout the course of the year, as first Jill, then Jessa tied the knot, and now as Jill prepares for the birth of her first son.


The Duggars don't typically follow many people, but those of them with a social media presence do follow each other … until Jill unfollowed Jessa that is. She does follow every other member of the family, as well as a few conservative political political organizations.

Jessa does still follow Jill, but a quick glance through her posts shows that even though she technically follows her pregnant sister, her presence isn't exactly made known on her feed.

While Jill has several photos and mentions of her next youngest sis and her new hubs Ben Seewald scattered across her stream, Jessa doesn't reciprocate in the least, not even to congratulate Jill on her first pregnancy with Derick Dillard.

What the heck? Are they taking passive aggressive digs at one another? Is Jill sick of all the kissing photos Jessa keeps posting with Ben? Does she feel like her younger sib stole her thunder by getting married so soon after herself, and even recycling a number of her wedding decorations?

Although the Duggars may seem like the perfect family, this isn't the first time some of the sisters haven't gotten along. In their tell-all book released earlier this year, the eldest Duggar daughter, Jana, 24, revealed that  she and Jessa didn't get along much as children.

In Growing Up Duggar: It’s All Abut Relationships, Jana said that things got so contentious between herself and Jessa that parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar made them share a bunk bed. It didn't stop Jessa from tormenting her sister though, and she kicked it nightly and laughed when Jana became upset.

While they seem to have repaired their relationship, is it possible that Jessa's done something to tick Jill off to the point she'd unfollow her? Or is this whole thing an accident? I know there have been times my Twitter seems to have randomly unfollowed a friend. I guess we'll have to wait and see how these two continue to interact online.

Do you think the Duggar sisters are feuding?


Image via Jill Dillard/Instagram

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