Bruce Jenner Steps Out With Diamond Earrings, French Manicure & Ponytail (PHOTO)

bruce jennerOh Bruce Jenner. Oh Bruce. Brucie Bruce. What can you say about Bruce nowadays, really? After being thrust into the spotlight as a result of marrying Kris Jenner and becoming a part of the Kardashian world, he made headlines and caused jaws to drop when it was revealed that he may be interested in a sex change. Eh, to each his ... or her ... own, right? The hype and curiosity kind of died down there for a while, but now he's adding more fuel to the sex change fire by walking around town and rocking a French manicure, ponytail, and diamond earrings!


Apparently Jenner, 65, doesn't mind embracing his more feminine side while out in public, and more power to him. Those huge diamond earrings and simple manicure are things pretty much any woman would long to have in her possession.

Also, as you can see in the photos, Jenner is still wearing his wedding band.

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Not only that, on top of it all, it looks like he's also wearing some shiny lip gloss as well. "His goal is to live as a woman and look as much like one," a source tells Us Weekly. "He has been struggling for a long time with his feelings about being a woman inside."

Even if there really is a woman living inside Jenner, perhaps now that he is sort of out of the media frenzy due to the Kardashian Kraziness after splitting up with Kris, he can finally become comfortable embracing who he truly is. If he's not getting in touch with his more feminine side, perhaps he should stop walking around wearing lip gloss and a French manicure so everyone can just stop wondering.

Be sure to check out those photos of Jenner though to see for yourself!

Do you think Bruce Jenner will become a woman in 2015?


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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