Mama June Shannon Receives Death Threats & Man Is Arrested

Mama JuneEver since the Mama June Shannon scandal broke, her fans -- and non-fans -- have been absolutely furious. While her relationship with the man who molested her own daughter was never proven beyond a doubt (she still denies it), just the whiff of her possibly going back to a former flame who is a convicted sex offender was enough to demolish the Honey Boo Boo empire. June has been getting some serious hate on her Facebook wall too. And someone must be reading those posts, because one guy took it too far and he got arrested.


Cops told TMZ that a man named Andrew Kurt Summers was making death threats on her wall and threatened to kill not only her, but Pumpkin, who has been siding with her mom.

Cops in Georgia put out a warrant for his arrest and he turned himself in. He's been charged with making terroristic threats.

No matter how you feel about Mama June's actions, there is really no excuse for making death threats -- something that has become increasingly common with the rise of social media. For some reason, people now throw out death threats like they would have raised their middle finger in times past. I think they think it doesn't mean anything. Well, they're wrong. Glad they arrested this guy.

Besides, Mama June is not anyone who affects this guy's life -- at most he's seen her on TV. Let the police, courts, child services, and Sugar Bear decide if Mama June needs to be punished. If not, it's certainly not anyone else's business to do so. (Interestingly, the tide seems to be turning on Mama June's FB page, where she is also receiving a lot of support from fans.)

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This guy, and others like him, need to worry about the dirt in their own houses and stop trying to clean up someone else's.

Do you think she's been punished enough?


Image via Honey Boo Boo/Facebook

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