Khloe Kardashian Can't Seem to Get Over French Montana

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We all know that if there's one thing Khloe Kardashian likes, it's a good old-fashioned cryptic Instagram message. For years now, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has posted random quotes to Instagram and Twitter that cause all of her followers to scratch their heads and wonder who she's talking about -- and she's still at it. On Tuesday, Khloe posted a message to Instagram that totally makes it seem like she's missing her (maybe) ex, French Montana. Or ... is she?

Damn you, Khloe! You always keep us guessing!

Check out Khloe's 'gram. Do you think she's talking about French?



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Of course, Khloe could be talking about Lamar here, but being that there's so much talk about her and French breaking up and making up right now, it would make more sense that the message is about him. (Then again, there's always the possibility that Khloe isn't talking about anyone and she's just messing with us.)

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Obviously, the most important thing for Khloe right now is that she's happy and in a good place, but to be honest, it really doesn't seem like French is the right guy for her. Sure, he may make her smile and treat her well, but there are just too many rumors out there about him -- not to mention the fact that they got together really soon after she and Lamar broke up.

Khloe definitely seems like she's the kind of person who gives 100 percent when she's in a relationship, which is incredibly admirable. But she also seems like the kind of person who has a hard time moving on when things come to an end. Hopefully, Khloe isn't feeling down or upset right now about her relationship with French, as she already went through enough with Lamar.

Whom do you think Khloe is talking about in this Instagram?


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