Kendra Wilkinson Calls Hank Baskett a 'Monster' as He Finally Tells His Side

Kendra WilkinsonLast we heard, Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett were trying to work things out in their marriage, after things sort of fell apart over the summer, when she learned that he had probably maybe cheated on her with transsexual model Ava Sabrina London while she was eight months pregnant with their second child. Now in a sneak peek clip of Hank trying to explain his side, Kendra calls him a "f---ing monster."


In Kendra On Top: The Untold Story, the former NFL player is finally getting to tell his side of the story, and why he waited so long to confront the rumors with his wife. 

"I handled this wrong," he admitted. "I immediately froze. I was scared. I felt like I was going to lose everything -- my wife and my kids -- because I couldn't tell my true story to her."

Hank claimed that he did try to talk to Kendra about the headlines coming out that he had cheated on her with a transsexual woman, but that before he could get very far, she flipped her lid.

"Kendra just immediately went off and just started going ballistic," he recalled. "That's when she walked immediately in our bathroom, grabbed her wedding rings and the rings I've gotten her and flushed them down the toilet."

Kendra jumped in to add, "I flush them so f--king fast and then I go on a rage. I didn't know you at the time. I was like, Oh my god. This is a f--king monster I married. This is a f--king crazy, sick f--k that I married. I mean, I just gave birth. I had post-partum blues!"

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Hank then admitted that he didn't go to Kendra right away, and let her find out from the media because he scared as to how she would react. Apparently they'd already been having some issues, and he was afraid of how she would react.

"I didn't go to you right away because I was scared of where we had been in our communication and how you had already been telling me that marriage isn't for you, there's more out there for you," Hank admitted. "I didn't know how you would react to me talking to you like this."

Kendra then got really upset, and insisted that she's easy to communicate with. Even though she flushed her rings down the toilet before she gave her husband a chance to explain himself.

"See, that offends me," Kendra said. "I look at myself as a person you can talk to. I feel like I'm a person ..." That's as far as she got before Hank jumped in again and countered, "You admitted for months you shut me off whenever I tried to talk to you."

Whoa. We may never know exactly what happened between Hank and the transsexual model, but it's clear that these two need some help if their marriage is going to make it. Kendra needs to decide what she's really upset about -- Hank allegedly cheating, the fact that she found out about the rumors in the media, or that he took so long to address it with her. No matter what, she's going to have to find a way to forgive and trust him again, if there's going to be any hope for these two.

Why do you think Hank took so long to address the rumors with Kendra?


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