Kate Middleton's Baby Shower Is Fit for a (Little) Princess

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Think pink? According to reports, Pippa Middleton recently threw Kate a pink-themed baby shower, and you know what that means? The Duchess is having a girl! Whaaaat? A source claims that the bash took place recently -- before Kate leaves for her trip to New York City -- and at the fete were "pink-iced cupcakes, pink cocktails, and a huge white cake that was filled with pink sponge and strawberry filling."

Of course, this could simply be a rumor about the sex of the Duchess' baby (one of the many), but the source also went into weirdly intimate details about the party. Apparently, Prince George was at the shower with Kate and totally stole the show. "He had pink icing all around his mouth and everyone was taking photos of him," the insider claims.

Awww. Super cute. Also, it really sounds like Kate is having a girl!


Rumors that the Duchess is having a girl have been swirling around for a while now. In fact, some sources even claim that she and Prince William already have a name picked out -- Elizabeth Diana Windsor. But this is the first time we're hearing such specific details about an event that pretty much proves the couple is in fact going to have a baby girl. Love it!

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Being that Kate's sister is a professional party planner, this story doesn't exactly seem far-fetched. And couldn't you totally see Pippa doing the all-pink thing for Kate if she's going to be an aunt to a little girl? Also, being that Kate is on the thrifty and practical side, I wouldn't be all that surprised if she didn't have a shower at all were she having another boy.

It's doubtful that we'll know what Kate's having for sure until she gives birth. But, given that there have been so many rumors claiming she's having a girl, my money's on, well, a girl.

What do you think Kate is having?


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