Kim Kardashian's Surprising Confession Leaves Us Almost Speechless

Kim Kardashian covers Elle UK's January 2015 issue and guess what? She's wearing clothes! But that's not the most surprising aspect of the glossy spread, because Kim makes a pretty bold admission about how she really felt about her looks in her younger days -- and to say her words are unexpected is a huge understatement.


Believe it or not, Kim actually gets candid about wishing away her boobs as a young teen. Yes ... she was ashamed by her BOOBS, people!

Kim says she was so unhappy with her body as a girl, she used to pray her chest would stop growing. (Poor thing!) So what made her the self-assured woman she is today? Well, she got a little help from a letter her late father, Robert Kardashian, Sr., wrote her when she was just 13.

He told me a I had a body not many girls have (and) that later it would lead to attention from men, but that the most important thing was that I was a wonderful girl and I had to understand my self worth.

Attention from men, indeed, not to mention every other living creature on the planet.

I, for one, have a really hard time imagining a Kim who would wish away anything (body part or otherwise) that would draw her even more attention. Call me a cynic (I call myself that all of the time!), but this feels more like a plea to be seen as more down-to-earth than her present day image might suggest.

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Sure, a teen lacking confidence is not a stretch, but even in older photos of the star, she appears to be vamping with her friends and family. I mean, she was friends with Paris Hilton for crying out loud. 

Kim also makes a surprisingly honest comment about the nude photo leak she and countless other female celebrities were involved in just months ago.

I felt violated because these are private pictures. But, I'm also realistic, I'm on covers of magazines practically naked, so I can't go crazy about it.

Funny, that's exactly what I was thinking! If Kim and I are on the same page for once, maybe there is hope for my opinion of her after all.

Do you really think we've ever lived in a world where Kim Kardashian wasn't confident?

Image via Elle UK

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