Kanye West's Control of Kim Kardashian Is More Disturbing Than We Thought

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Man. Some people have the absolute worst luck when it comes to their romantic relationships! Kanye West's stepbrother Hal Carmichael spoke out about his marriage to Kim Kardashian, and unfortunately, it's more depressing than we ever could have imagined. I mean, we all knew something must be up between the two of them, considering how many rumors are floating around about there being trouble in paradise. But now Kanye's own family is even confirming that Kimye's marriage is a controlling, hot mess! And the reason Kanye keeps Kim on such a short leash is quite shocking ... and pretty sad.


According to RadarOnline, Kanye's stepbro says that Kanye has taken extreme measures to protect his wife and their daughter North West because he is scared about losing another family member. If you recall, Kanye's mother, Donda West, died following a cosmetic surgery procedure that went wrong back in 2007. Carmichael said:

Kanye constantly worries about Kim and North because he knows the kidnap risk is high. Because of the lifestyle they lead, he has to think about it carefully nowadays. Kanye controls Kim, like where she travels and what she does, to protect her. He thinks the more the public sees them, the more at risk they are.

On the one hand, Kanye is doing the right thing by worrying about his family (since that's kind of his job and all), but don't you think he's being a little too neurotic? Yeah, I know him keeping tabs on Kim is nothing new, but it's almost as if he's treating her like a small child.

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She's a grown woman, and I'm sure she has enough common sense to navigate her life without her husband calling the shots all the time. (She is Kim Kardashian, for crying out loud!)

I mean, there's a difference between worrying about someone because you love them, and worrying that someone is going to try and abduct them if you aren't watching their every move. He may mean well most of the time, but Kanye seriously needs to chill out -- at least a little bit.

Do you think Kanye is being too overprotective with his family?

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