Kim Kardashian's Plan to Save Her Marriage Is As Desperate As It Gets

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The question of whether or not their marriage is really in trouble is weighing heavy on our minds these days, and if a new report saying Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will have one more baby in an effort to salvage what's left of their relationship is true? Well, then I guess we have our answer once and for all. Yes, you read that right. According to RadarOnline, Kim thinks popping out another kiddo could be just the thing to put her and Kanye back on the right track.


A source claims, "Kim is determined to make this work because she does not want to ever have to go through what she is watching her mom and Bruce go through."

(Yeahhh. Because Kris and Bruce's situation is totally the same thing.)

Let's be honest, we all know the real reason Kim doesn't want to let go of her marriage. Duh. She simply doesn't want to be the girl who wound up divorced from two dudes in a matter of a few years (or less). It's not surprising for her to pull out all the stops to remain Mrs. Kanye West for as long as she possibly can.

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That being said, I wonder if she has any idea of just how badly her plan to have another baby to save the marriage will likely backfire? Um, anyone who has kids will tell you that throwing a baby into the mix only adds fuel to the fire if there are already existing problems in the relationship. Sure, I guess there are those rare situations where junior's arrival makes Mom and Dad realize just how much they love each other, but for the most part, the sleepless nights, less time to devote to each other, and new challenges that go along with parenthood are pretty much a recipe for disaster in a failing marriage.

As much as I hate to say it, all signs these days seem to point to Kim and Kanye inevitably going their separate ways, whether baby number two becomes a reality in the near future or not. If Kim does turn up pregnant, odds are good that they'll stick it out as long as they possibly can. But if they truly think they need to have another child for their marriage to last, they're in for a very rude awakening.

Do you think another baby can save Kim and Kanye?


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