Khloe Kardashian's Nose Suddenly Looks Completely Bizarre (PHOTO)

khloe kardashian

Khloe Kardashian seems to always have fun with her style. She doesn't take herself too seriously, and she's not afraid to experiment with different looks. Case in point: Khloe posted a photo of herself with a nose ring to Instagram. And not just any nose ring. A gigantic nose ring with a chain connecting to an earring. More likely than not, the nose ring is fake, but this is certainly a new look for Khloe (save for her signature pouty lips and Blue Steel eyes)!

Check out Khloe's wild nose ring:


khloe kardashian

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

While I'm not necessarily a fan of this look, I do love the fact that Khloe's always willing to try out new things with her appearance -- even if they're a little unconventional.

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khloe kardashian

On the other hand, though, while I love Khloe, I can't lie: I'm a little bit over the uber pouty-face selfies we've all gotten so used to seeing. I know it's a Kardashian trademark, but it's getting a little ridiculous, especially when she's got shiny gold jewelry all over her face. Khloe's a gorgeous girl as is -- no need to make a "sexy" face in every photo.

That said, out of all the Kardashian sisters' Instagrams, Khloe's is by far the most interesting -- duck lips and all. I mean, would Kim ever wear a big fake nose ring? I think not.

What do you think of Khloe's nose ring?


Images via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

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