Kim Kardashian & Kendall Jenner's Ongoing Feud Just Got Even Nastier

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There have been plenty of rumors in the past claiming they have a pretty rocky relationship, but just wait until you hear about Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner's latest feud, which sounds like it has the potential to tear the sisters apart once and for all. (If the two of them are really fighting like cats and dogs, of course.) According to OK! magazine, Kim is CRAZY jealous of Kendall, but the reason is actually a little bit surprising.


I mean, duh, we already knew Kim was pretty envious of Kendall's blossoming modeling career, but apparently the sh** really hit the fan when Kendall landed that Estee Lauder deal, especially since it happened after Kim's now infamous nude photo spread in Paper magazine.

A source says, "Kim is particularly jealous of Kendall and has it in her head that she's taking a ton of business away from her, so the knives are really out."

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The insider adds, "It's very ugly between these two right now, and Kendall's alienating most of the family with her Queen Bee attitude." Oh, and I should probably mention that Kendall supposedly slammed Kim's naked pics, deeming them "cheap and nasty." (Touché!)

Ugh. Why in the heck can't these two just be happy for each other's successes and get along already?!? The spotlight is certainly big enough for the both of them, and given their huge age gap, it's not all that likely that either will wind up taking gigs away from the other.

Sure, I guess it's tempting to want to snag the title of the most in demand member of the family or whatever, but let's get real -- it's not like the hype surrounding the Kardashians or Jenners is going to fade anytime soon. Odds are good that both Kendall and Kim can remain just as famous and current as they want to without the other one getting in her way.

If they don't kiss and make up now, they're going to wind up regretting it eventually. Family is way more important than fame and fortune in the long run, or at least it should be -- regardless of how well known Kim and Kendall are.

Do you think it's ridiculous for Kendall and Kim to compete with each other?


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