Khloe Kardashian Doesn’t Care if French Cheats on Her

Khloe KardashianOh that French Montana. He certainly can wriggle out of some tight spots, can't he? So to speak! First, he was caught red-handed cheating on her in Dubai by none other than Khloe's sister, Kim. Reportedly, he was there partying with a pretty lady who was not Koko and when he learned Kim was in the same area, went out of his way to find her so he could take pics with her and act like he was with her, which sounds like a very lame plan at best, but guys are never good at covering up their cheating ways.


Knowing what he was trying to do, Kim and the rest of the K-fam reportedly tried to get Khloe to dump the cad rat bastard. I mean, after Lamar, who can blame them for wanting better for Khloe?

The problem is, Khloe has to want better for Khloe. And apparently she doesn't! Because TMZ reports that Khloe has essentially told her family to back off, and that she doesn't care who French is sleeping with.

Sources told TMZ that Khloe has fired back and told her overly-concerned family that she and French aren't exclusive and she is just having fun.

Oh, ho ho! Where have we heard that before? Just out of the mouth of every woman EVER. That's right, ladies love to act all cool when a guy they're sleeping with sleeps with someone else, and they're all cool up until they try to run the dude over or throw him off a cliff or otherwise pull a Jodi Arias on him. Seriously, Jodi thought she was cool too.

Khloe may be okay with French sleeping around, but why?! Doesn't she believe she deserves better?

And yeah, maybe she's just having fun. For now. Because it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. I'm just saying, these things are never as fun as they seem.

Khloe, get some help, sister.


Image via khloekardashian/Instagram

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