Chris Rock's Joke About Matt Lauer & Cancer Was Actually Pretty Funny (VIDEO)


Chris RockChris Rock has never been shy of pushing the envelope when it comes to crass humor. The comedian stopped by the Today show on Monday, December 1, to chat with cohost Matt Lauer about his upcoming flick, Top Five. Of course the conversation quickly devolved into hilarity, but some people were offended when Rock went so far as to tease Lauer that he'll get cancer like Robin Roberts next.


Lauer tried to get the actor to talk about his film, which he directed and co-wrote. He opened the interview, "You take people inside the celebrity bubble a little bit ... you've lived in that bubble for several decades now ... what would most people be surprised by inside that celebrity bubble?"

"You don't always get what you want," the 49-year-old, confessed. "I love being famous! It's almost like being white! It's close to it."

Lauer moved on to ask if he felt pressure to be funny all the time, and he said he definitely runs into situations where it's problematic. "People want me to be funny even at funerals," Rock said. "People are like, 'why are you so sad?' and I'm like, 'because my aunt just died!'"

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Then things got really controversial, and hilarious, if you possess a somewhat dark sense of humor, or you know, just the ability to laugh at things in the face of adversity.

Rock commented on the Today show's recent "get," an in-depth interview with Janay Rice, the wife of NFL player Ray Rice, who was involved in a highly publicized domestic abuse scandal with her husband. "Today show: You guys are doing good!" he exclaimed. "You've got Ray Rice's wife on, man. You'll show Good Morning America. We got the wife on!"

The joke was in reference to the ratings war between the two morning shows. And it didn't stop there. Lauer laughed and responded, "This is one of those times I should have gone to the commercial about thirty seconds ago. Too late! My bad!"

That just seemed to encourage Rock more, as he continued, "We'll show you, Robin Roberts! Matt Lauer is going to get sick next," and the host did a faceplam. Don't blame him. Roberts is a host on the rival show, and has famously battled multiple bouts of cancer.

OK, for those that think this is crass, or wishing Matt to get sick, or making light of Robin's battles with her health -- take a chill pill. It's just a funny way to make light of some very serious topics, like domestic abuse and cancer. These are the stories that sell, the ones viewers tune into, the ones that get the rating. What's wrong with poking fun at our fascination with dark subjects like these?

Rock wasn't making light of them, he was making light of the American public's fascination with them. It is kind of weird, when you think about it.

Take a look at the video and decide for yourself if Chris Rock went to far:

Were you offended by Chris Rock's jokes on the Today show?


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