Kim Kardashian's Thanksgiving Day Secret Spells Serious Marriage Trouble

Kim Kardashian, Kanye WestOn Thanksgiving Day, Kim Kardashian tweeted how happy she was to spend her day with her "whole family" at Khloe's house, but one person was conspicuously absent, and that one person was Kim's husband and North's daddy, Kanye West. Reportedly, Kanye spent the holiday in Paris with two guy friends which is, erm, kinda weird?


According to Page Six, Kanye was spotted dining at Ralph Lauren's restaurant in Paris. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Kim thanked Khloe for hosting the family:

RadarOnline suggests there is some kind of coverup involved, with the family not wanting word leaking out that Kanye wasn't with them since no one actually Instagrammed a photo of the family on T-day. Which, you gotta admit, has to be a first. Normally, Kim and Khloe would be selfie-ing right over that turkey.

Rumors are rampant that Kim and Kanye are on the rocks -- or even that their marriage is all just one big business transaction.

Hey, maybe Kanye was working on an album in Paris or was opening up a store or working on his designs or ... well, who knows what. It is kind of odd that he wouldn't want to be with his wife and child and the rest of the K-fam on T-day but this is Kanye we're talking about, not Ward Cleaver. He's an artiste and everything, and perhaps he just needed to be around fellow artistes. Still, it's strange Kim didn't even mention him on Twitter?

Well, it's not like Kim didn't know what she was getting into. Hopefully, Kanye enjoyed his duck confit in Paris.

Do you think this bodes badly for the marriage?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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