Khloe Kardashian's Family Tells Her to Dump 'Cheating' French Montana

You know that glamorous little trip Kim Kardashian and company took to Dubai -- the one in which sister Khloe's boyfriend French Montana made an appearance while Khloe was notably absent? Well, despite the number of photos that popped up of French posing alongside Kim and other members of their gang, rumor has it French was actually up to no good overseas and now Khloe's family is begging her to cut him loose and move on with her life.


Khloe's family thinks French was actually cheating on her with a pretty woman he met in Dubai. They say he actively went out of his way to find Kim and pose for a bunch of photos with her like this one so that Khloe wouldn't ask questions about where he was or who he was partying with during the trip:

All smoke and mirrors, if you ask Kim. French's "plan" kind of fell apart when Kim came home and broke the news to Khloe that she rarely saw French, aside from a few seconds here and there. If there is a mystery woman, we have no idea who she is or where he met her. We do have to question whether French would be foolish enough to think that the family who shares everything wouldn't immediately tell Khloe they suspect something is off with her man.

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Khloe's tight-knit family apparently sat down with her right before Thanksgiving and had a heart-to-heart in which they admitted they didn't think French was being faithful to her. Given the fact that he also recently gave a big thumbs-down to prenups and said he'd never sign one if he married Khloe, I don't know about you, but this dude is giving me all kinds of douche chills.

Do you think Khloe should break up with French Montana or do you think they make a good couple?


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