Kim Kardashian Dresses Baby North in an Outrageous Fur Cape (PHOTO)

Baby, it's cold outside. Which means, if you're Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby, you brave the falling temperatures wrapped in your very own luxurious, over-the-top fur cape. We know the glam couple and their little one spent the holiday in Paris, which may or may not be where Kim snagged this gorgeous, but very adult-like black fur cape that you have to see to believe.


I'm not a fur lover, though I can appreciate an eccentric faux fur coat. By the same token, I don't get the same visceral reaction some animal rights activitsts do when they see a person wearing fur, but I can only imagine how these photos are going to drive some people nuts. Here's pretty baby North wearing what has to be a $300,000 fur cape:

And here she is from the back:

First of all, she is insanely adorable and dresses better than 99 percent of the population. Second, that coat is the absolute most nutso purchase you can make for a child that I think I've ever seen. I mean, it's beautiful and elegant. But a one-year-old is anything but elegant. Unless Kim and Kanye or their nannies are catching North every time she falls -- and I mean before she hits the ground -- there is zero chance in hell that coat is going to survive the beating a toddler is likely to give it.

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My guess is that this is one of 200 coats North has in her closet and that it will come out for 30 seconds this December while she is whisked from the couple's hired car to their five-star hotel. I'm not exactly shocked Kim and Kanye would dress their toddler in fur. She has diamond earrings. She has a designer wardrobe that is worth more than some of our homes. They've never pretended they weren't going to give North everything their money could buy.

The only question is: what will North wear next?

Do you think it's okay for Kim and Kanye to dress their one-year-old in a fur cape?


Images via kimkardashian/Instagram

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