Tara Reid Posts Bikini Photo That Has People Worried She Is Too Thin (PHOTO)

Over the years, American Pie actress Tara Reid has garnered tons of attention for all the wrong reasons -- namely, because of her plastic surgery, extreme weight loss, and reported hard partying ways. People have been mean to her in the press and even her former co-stars, like Jason Biggs, have thought nothing about commenting rudely about her body in a way that probably makes the woman feel like total crap. Tara recently posted a photo of herself celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday while wearing a bikini. Maybe she felt really good about her body that day and wanted to share -- maybe she felt horrible and was hoping for nice comments to make her feel better. Either way, the image -- which many say proves she is painfully thin -- is only causing people to argue that Tara is not healthy.


Tara posted this photo on Instagram with the caption, "Visiting my parents in Palm Springs for thanksgiving before the turkey:"

Sure, some of her followers praised Tara's beauty, but it's fair to say a great many more commented that she needed a sandwich and is just too skinny to be healthy.

If Tara weighed 200 pounds more than she does, most of us would run to her defense if anyone dared say anything nasty about her body. I don't know if Tara eats well or has a healthy lifestyle (I hope so, for her sake), but it's unfair to assume she doesn't based on the size of her waist. Some women are naturally very thin. Others have had work done to make themselves look this thin.

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Whatever the case, when I see a celeb or everyday woman post a photo like this on their social media site, I can't help but feel empathy for them. I automatically assume they are looking for a little positive attention -- whatever their reason. Either leave a nice comment or say nothing at all --there's no reason to trash this poor woman even more.

Do you think Tara looks too thin? Do you think it's fair of us to even comment about her body or is it okay because she posted a photo like this one? 


Image via tarareid/Instagram

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