French Montana All But Admits He's After Khloe Kardashian's Money

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Despite the fact that her divorce from Lamar Odom isn't finalized yet, French Montana is already thinking about marriage with Khloe Kardashian. When TMZ asked the rapper recently if he'd sign a prenup with Khloe, he flat-out said no. "I just settled a divorce and gave somebody money," French said about his divorce from his ex, Nadeen Kharpouch (where he had to pay her $2 million), "No prenups."

No prenups? Then I guess you're not marrying Khloe, dude, 'cause she'd be coconuts to tie the knot without an iron-clad contract!


If Khloe and French are in a loving relationship, that's great. No, better than great -- wonderful! No one deserves a supportive partner more than Khloe after what Lamar put her through. And if she and French do wind up getting married one day, good for them. If they make each other happy, who are we to judge? But! But. Khloe would be crazy not to have a prenuptial agreement before getting hitched. She's worth $20 million. I don't think French is living off of minimum wage, but he certainly doesn't have the money that Khloe does.

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I'm assuming that the reason French said "no prenups" is because he thinks his relationship with Khloe is rock-solid, but as we've all seen, what's rock-solid one day in Hollywood is splitsville the next.

Hopefully, things with work out with Khoe and French, but maybe they should slow their roll a bit on any marriage talk -- and if they do decide to go that route, for Khloe's sake, let's hope they have a prenup!

Do you think Khloe would ever wed French without a prenup?


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