Kendra Wilkinson Reveals Truth About Sex With Hugh Hefner & Cries Over Hank (VIDEO)

Talk about cleansing your soul. Kendra Wilkinson recently revealed all about her past on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here  -- and shared how she feels like she could have helped husband Hank Baskett more with his depression  AND ... get ready for it ... how she got through those "unenjoyable" nights of passion with Hugh Hefner when she was the then-78-year-old's very young girlfriend. Come on, haven't you always wondered about that?!


Let's get the naughty part out of the way before we get down to more serious stuff. Kendra, who was 18 when the Playboy founder approached her to ask if she wanted to be one of his many girlfriends, says she jumped at the chance because she was living in the "smallest apartment with the ugliest **** and I was praying for anything to get me out of there."

I remember catching moments of Hugh's reality show back then and wondering whether all of his girlfriends actually had to sleep with him. How did he have time? How did he have the energy? Kendra says sex with Hugh wasn't an obligation, but that he repeatedly asked her to go up to his bedroom and that she considered it "like a job. Clock in, clock out. It's not like I enjoyed having sex with him." Nice. Not that I'm guessing Hugh minded at all.

Kendra also revealed that she wasn't in her right mind when she had sex with Hugh -- she says she was usually very drunk or had smoked "lots of weed to survive those nights." 

And there you have it. I know my questions have been answered.

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But Kendra, 29, had a hard time keeping it together when she revealed that she wasn't always there for Hank when he was suffering from severe depression. It's heartbreaking to watch the mother of two crumble at the thought that she could have done more to help her husband -- whether or not that's even true.

"There's such a thing as depression you know, even if you're a big guy, it's real," Kendra said. "You have to hear people's cries. Because I didn't. He came to bed so many times crying and he needed me you know, and I wasn't there for him."

Here's a clip of Kendra as she becomes emotional talking about Hank:

Do you think Kendra is being too hard on herself? Do you feel she and Hank will make their relationship work?


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