Kim Zolciak Flaunts Abnormally Skinny Waist in Must-See Photo

kim zolciakWow, the photo you are about to see seriously defies all logic. It just ... shouldn't be possible. Kim Zolciak, famous alum of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, posted a photo of her impossibly tiny waist -- and claims she didn't even use a waist trainer that those Kardashians made famous! Seriously, didn't she just give birth like a year ago??


The star of Don't Be Tardy, who is 36 years old, recently lifted up her shirt to show off what looks like her non-existent waist. Seriously, where is it?! Look, we don't want to make any woman feel ashamed of her body, especially if she's just naturally skinny, but this photo is truly something you have to see.

How did she do it? After giving birth to twins Kaia and Kane, she credits the shakes she drinks made by 310 Nutrition.

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"I love it @310nutrition does it again.. 310 cleanse is magic! It's the fastest way to drop a couple pounds I've ever seen. Its not fat you drop, it's the junk in our gut! And believe me we all have junk in our gut," she wrote accompanying another picture. "I feel so much better, I stocked up for after thanksgiving dinner! @briellebiermann was laughing at me and snapped this pic I had to post #310nutrition."

Wow, are those shakes magical or something? Take a look at this mind-blowing photo of Kim for yourself and then you can be the judge!

Is Kim really this skinny or is she Photoshopped?


Image via kimzolciakbiermann/Instagram

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