Kate Middleton's Heartbreaking Words to Grieving Mom Make Us Love Her Even More

If there is any doubt that the Duchess of Cambridge is every bit the future Queen that Diana was, these pictures of her visiting a hospital for very sick children should clear things right up. Catherine comes across every bit as empathetic and truly connected as the People's Princess did, especially when one devastated mom told the Duchess about her baby's untimely death from a heart condition -- and Kate couldn't help but hug her.


When Leigh Smith, 33, told Kate Middleton that her baby girl, Beatrice, died in January, Kate gave her a hug (privately) and said, with tears in her eyes, "You're a very brave lady, and again, I'm just so, so sorry."

That's just like something Diana would have done, absolutely. If you think that just by dint of being in Kate's position, you have to visit hospitals and then naturally come off as having a big heart, think again. It's something that has to ooze out of you naturally. Look at Camilla. She visits hospitals, but still no one really likes her!

Kate, showing her little baby bump under a bright red dress, her hair pulled into a ponytail, and wearing diamond earrings, visited with the staff and young patients of East Anglia's Children's Hospices, which she has been patron of for the past two years.

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Kate met with a group of terminally ill children, and when she bends down to look them in the eye, you really get a sense of her sweetness and humanity. No doubt it was these qualities that Prince William recognized and fell in love with -- and ones he knew would make her the perfect royal to follow in Diana's footsteps.

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