Rachel & Phoebe From 'Friends' Swear at Each Other in Traumatizing Video

jennifer aniston lisa kudrowWell this is something you would never expect to see go down. You'd think, after starring on a show called Friends, the actors who played these said friends would be, well, friends forever. BFFs 4 life. (Do people still say that?) They'd go to each other's weddings and be there as the go-to aunt and uncle for each other's babies and always stay supportive no matter what ups and downs they may encounter. So you probably would never guess that these so-called friends also swear at each other!


That's right, Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel, and Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe, stood on a public stage and straight up cursed at each other with the most filthy language known to humankind! Who would have thought these wholesome, beautiful, classy women would know these words?! The shock, the horror, the tragedy!

Of course, it was just a game Jimmy Kimmel put them up to. And the helpful captions reveal what was actually said, though all those symbols make the swear words hard to decipher sometimes. Does anyone here know how to speak Greek? Also, the phrase Kudrow apparently used to say all the time means things must have been pretty R-rated on the set of Friends. Don't you just miss this show?

Check out the hilarity for yourself:

Malaka, huh? Yep, had to google that one.

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And then when Kudrow proves she's still the ditzy Phoebe through and through, she yells out "Snap pants!" which most definitely isn't a swear word, and Aniston wins the round. Go Team Jen! They also proved that, yes, they still are genuine friends in real life, apologizing to each other after belting out some of the more nasty phrases.

Such a weird concept for a game, but it's certainly comically jarring to see these two friends go at it in this way. A blissful couple minutes of entertainment to take you out of your day-to-day. Guess it's time to go on with our far less funny, Friends-less lives.

What is your favorite swear word?


Image via ABC

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