Diem Brown's Ex-Boyfriend 'CT' Tamburello Gets Heat for His Late Proposal

Diem BrownMTV star Diem Brown, who tragically died at 34 years old of cancer, had a long, complex history with her sometime co-star and on-off boyfriend, Chris "CT" Tamburello. But in the days before she died, CT tried to reunite with Diem by proposing to her on her death bed, reports US Weekly.


According to sources, Chris came to Diem's hospital room bearing a ruby ring and a video camera -- and filmed as he proposed to her. Diem joked that she hated rubies and turned him down. But the real reason was, of course, that she was dying!

Even though CT returned the next day with a different ring (diamond this time?), Diem turned him down once more. An insider told the magazine:

Diem knew she didn't have much longer to live and she didn't want to be engaged under those circumstances.

Maybe not the best timing, and CT has taken some heat online for his belated commitment. Wrote one commenter:

He didn't want to be the tool who made her miserable in the public eye after she is gone. Good thing some of us are smart enough to see through him.

But Diem's best friend says the pair had a "complicated" relationship but doesn't sound angry that he waited until the last second to propose. She told US:

Maybe all of her friends didn't understand it. I know they had a lot of love for each other ... They were on and off for so many years. If she had more time on this earth, who knows what would have happened between them?

Ugh, these types of relationships can be so bittersweet. So much love combined with so much ambivalence and misunderstanding. Only the two know exactly what was between them. On the one hand, it's touching that CT reached out to her with the ultimate gesture of commitment before she died -- on the other, it reeks a bit of opportunism. Especially since he came equipped with a camera.

Either way, CT doesn't sound like he's taking no for an answer. He posted a pic of Diem on his Instagram wall, accompanied by the picture, with the words:

Our plan to be together forever hasn't changed ... it's just going to take a little longer now. And I'm going to hold onto this ring for you till we are together again.

Perhaps we all shouldn't be so cynical and just believe that he realized he truly wanted to marry her at the end. Maybe, as the song says, you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.

Was this the wrong time to propose?


Image via theofficial_CT/Instagram

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