Kylie Jenner Reportedly Had Major Plastic Surgery Procedure

Kylie Jenner

For years we've heard rumors about the Kardashians and plastic surgery. Things were so bad that Kim even showed an X-ray of her butt to prove that it was real. Well, now her youngest sister Kylie Jenner is being accused of having major work done. You will NEVER guess where!


Kylie Jenner

According to Radar Online, there’s a good chance that Kylie might have had a Brazilian butt lift, as her derriere has been looking a little more perky than usual. Dr. Neal Handel, MD, who has never treated Kylie in the past, told the site:

It appears that Kylie Jenner may have recently had a butt enhancement procedure. Comparison of older photographs with newer pictures suggests her buttocks are fuller, rounder, and larger.

While one part of me thinks NO WAY did Kylie get a Brazilian butt lift (she’s only a teenager for crying out loud!), I’m not ruling out this story entirely. I mean, there’s a good chance that Kylie looks up to her sisters, and as we all know, the entire family is obsessed with their looks.

Being the impressionable 17-year-old that Kylie is, I do hope that she hasn’t done anything to her body that she might later regret. Although, I wouldn’t doubt that she’s thought about it. The girl is clearly desperately trying to stand out from the rest of her sisters, but I don’t think morphing into one of them is the answer.

Do you think Kylie is trying to hard to be like her sisters?

Image via Kylie Jenner/Instagram

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