Kendra Wilkinson Reveals What Her Sex Life With Hugh Hefner Was Like

Kendra Wilkinson

It's been a CRAZY ride for Kendra Wilkinson this year. She gave birth to daughter Alijah with husband Hank Baskett and then almost immediately after found out that Hank was allegedly cheating on her -- with a transsexual model. The world watched their marriage drama play out on her WE show Kendra on Top, and all I could think was Kendra needed to turn the cameras off. But she didn't, and now it turns out she's giving tons more TMI tidbits on yet ANOTHER reality show!


Kendra has gone "down under" to the Australian jungle to film the hit British TV show, I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. If you're not familiar, celebs brave the wild conditions and do crazy things like eat antelope penis to survive. And Kendra's co-stars could care less about her marriage woes, which you would think would be a nice break for her, right? Wrong! Instead, they want to know what it was really like living in the Playboy Mansion and being Hugh Hefner's girlfriend!

Kendra, being an open book, revealed what her first few weeks living in the mansion were like:

I just wanted to party, and I had a damn good time, it was so fun. Hef asked me to be one of his girlfriends, and live in the mansion and I was like, 'Hell yeah, I'm there!' I was living in this small-ass apartment, I was praying for anything to get me out of there.

That sounds innocent enough, right? Well, it would have been fine if she stopped right there, but she went on to talk about her sex life with Hef! Kendra's fellow contestant Melanie Sykes (a British TV host) asked if she was obligated to have sex with him. Kendra revealed that for the first few weeks, nothing about sex was mentioned, nor did she know it was a part of being his girlfriend -- she had just graduated high school and was naive. Until one day Hef asked her if she wanted to come upstairs, to which Kendra responded, "Sure, let's have fun!"

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I'm no prude and I won't lie -- I've been curious myself about what is expected of Hef's girlfriends in the bedroom. But before Kendra left for Australia, she told Us Weekly that she had forgiven Hank and they were going to stay together. I just think that she should then be a little more discreet from here on out while discussing her relationships -- past and present -- in public. I'm not saying Kendra has anything to hide or be ashamed of, I'm just saying that now may not be the time to be so open about her sex life. With all that she's gone through, it seems odd that she would be willing to talk about sex with Hef when she didn't like her husband's dirty laundry out there!

Do you think Kendra crossed a line by talking about her sex life with Hugh Hefner?

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