Michael Lohan Gets Remarried -- And Leaves Lindsay Off the Guest List!

Lindsay Lohan

And the Lohan family just got a little bit larger ... Lindsay Lohan's dad Michael tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Kate Major on October 30. This should shock no one, except for the fact that Lindsay wasn't told about the nuptials OR invited to the big day!


TMZ reports that when Lindsay did find out, she didn't care. She's also been in London starring in the West End production of Speed the Plow, so getting to Hillsboro Beach in Florida was probably not a top priority. Especially since it seems like Lindsay has been doing a good job and keeping things drama-free on the production so far.

Plus, Michael and Kate have a 20-month-old son named Landon and are expecting baby number two in a few months. If you watched Lindsay's OWN docu-series as religiously as I did, then you know that Lindsay flat-out told her dad that she wants nothing to do with his other kids (meaning any that Michael did not have with Lindsay's mom Dina).

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It's been nothing but drama for Michael and Kate to even get down the aisle. Um, Kate was in jail as recently as this summer for violating her probation after a crazy (and booze-induced) fight she had with Michael AND a DUI arrest.

But those lovebirds made it through. Who says romance is dead?! Seriously, the last thing Lindsay needs is any more drama in her life, so staying away from her father's wedding was exactly the right thing to do. I hope that Lindsay has been staying sober and working on herself -- which means her new stepmother sounds exactly like the type of person she should stay away from permanently!

Are you surprised Lindsay wasn't invited to her father's wedding?


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