Christian Bale Reveals Secret 'Jealousy' Over Ben Affleck's Latest Movie Role

Christian BaleThere were quite a few raised eyebrows when the news broke that Ben Affleck would be playing Batman in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie (did anyone see Daredevil? Superheroes just might not be his thing.), but at least one person was emotionally distraught over it. Christian Bale recently admitted that he was jealous of Affleck for the role.


Bale, who played the caped crusader through the Dark Knight series, revealed that he was stunned to learn fellow actor Ben Affleck would be stepping into Bruce Wayne's shoes in Zack Snyder's upcoming flick.

"I've got to admit initially, even though I felt that it was the right time to stop, there was always a bit of me going, 'Oh go on ... Let's do another,'" the 40-year-old told Empire magazine . "So when I heard there was someone else doing it, there was a moment where I just stopped and stared into nothing for half an hour."

The Oscar winner retired his batmobile after 2012's The Dark Knight Rises. He also played the part in 2005's Batman Begins, and 2008's The Dark Knight. Until now, he's always maintained that he's made peace with the decision.

He said that even though he was initially shocked at Affleck's turn as Batman, he eventually came to terms with it. "But I'm 40," he said. "The fact that I’m jealous of someone else playing Batman ... I think I should have gotten over it by now."

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Bale also confessed that he's offered some advice to his colleague on playing the role. "I haven’t spoken with Ben, but I emailed him offering bits of advice that I learned the hard way," he admitted. "I would imagine he is doing everything he can to avoid anything that I did."

Last fall he offered to Access Hollywood, "I wish him all the best ... he's a very experienced actor and filmmaker and he'll make it his own ... it should be past onto another actor and it will be again after him."

Sounds like Christian Bale put his big boy pants on and sucked it up! That's saying something for a grown man who likes to dress up like a superhero. Not to mention he does have a history of freaking out. But hey, I guess we all have to grow up sometime!

Do you blame Christian Bale for having a moment of jealousy over Ben Affleck playing Batman?


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