Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Caught Doing Something We Hope Their Kids Didn't See

Angelina Jolie Brad PittBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie only got married a few months ago but could the honeymoon be over already? Star magazine reports that the couple were spotted fiercely arguing on their hotel balcony while in Australia promoting Angelina's movie Unbroken.


According to the tab, everyone's fav couple were spotted looking angry and frustrated, and Brad was throwing his arms in the air. They were also reportedly seen doing what a lot of people do when the shit hits the fan -- smoking cigarettes.

Well, if you're Brad and Angelina, you probably don't want to have an argument on a balcony, unless you want some paps to photograph it, and that's apparently what happened. Take a look:

While it's perfectly normal for couples to fight -- especially when they've got so many kids, sheesh -- I admit I always picture them as this couple who spend all day and night making googly eyes at each other and pawing each other and making kissy faces, etc. Which just goes to show you how idiotic I am. All couples argue!

Hell, if they are arguing, it goes to show that they truly are in love, because for sure this can't be their first go-round, and yet they've been together for almost ten years. And they still got married.

Of course, maybe the marriage killed things? I don't know. Maybe this is their first fight! Yeah, hardly.

It's totally normal for couples to argue and I think this shows that they are real human beings. Good for them for remaining committed to each other despite not always agreeing on everything.

Let's hope that their new movie, By the Sea, about a married couple who are growing apart, isn't based on reality. Even though, ya know, Angelina wrote it. Hey, maybe they are just rehearsing a scene on the balcony!

C'mon, Brangelina, hug it out!


Image via Celebrity Monitor, PacificCoastNews

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