Robin Thicke Flaunts Teenage Girlfriend Around Young Son

Robin ThickeSometimes when marriages fall apart, it's because two people just grow so far apart that there really isn't any hope of putting things back together. And sometimes they fall apart because the person you married turns out to be a selfish jerk. That seems to be the case with Robin Thicke and Paula Patton, given his behavior since she walked out on him last February. Most recently, he's been photographed hanging out with his son and alleged 19-year-old girlfriend.


April Love Geary has been seen with Robin in the past few months, and keen observers have pointed out that she's even taken selfies from his bed and other parts of his house. Things must be getting serious between the two, because over the weekend, TMZ spotted them hanging out at the USC/UCLA game -- with his 4-year-old son Julian.

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Robin's alleged relationship with the model, who said in June that she was 19, so it's possible she's reached her 20s since then -- like it matters -- is exactly why we want to fist bump Paula Patton for kicking him to the curb.

After his sad, pathetic, and very public attempts to win her back, it's obvious this guy just likes the attention. Why else would a man date someone half his age? Can someone say "daddy issues"?

It's one thing for him to do the typical divorced male thing and sow his wild oats just to prove that he still can, but why bring his son into it? Sure, this could be true love at last, but the chances of that are about zero-point-one percent. There is no reason in the world for Julian to be hanging out with his dad's super young girlfriend.

All we can say is thank goodness Paula Patton seems sane. After all, she did have the good sense to walk away from Robin, and after all his crazy stunts he's pulled since they split -- we can see why.

Do you think Robin should be hanging out with his son and super young girlfriend at the same time?


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