Halle Berry Brings Ex Gabriel Aubry to Court Over Daughter's Hair

Halle BerryIt's no secret that ever since Halle Berry and model Gabriel Aubry broke up, they have basically been at each other's throats. Halle's ex sued the actress to keep her from moving 6-year-old daughter Nahla to France with her new husband, Olivier Martinez. Then Halle sued to lower her child support payments to Gabriel, saying he is living off payments meant to support Nahla. And of course there was that time that Gabriel and Olivier got into fisticuffs in Halle's driveway. Now TMZ reports the craziest thing yet ... Halle reportedly took Gabriel to court because she doesn't like the way he does Nahla's hair.


Reportedly, Halle doesn't like the way that Gabriel straightens and highlights daughter Nahla's naturally curly hair -- and she thinks that her ex is trying to make their mixed race child white.

Wow, that is quite an accusation!

Halle didn't show up in court, but Gabriel and his lawyer did, and believe it or not, TMZ says there were hours of arguing about Nahla's locks. Halle reportedly firmly believes that Gabriel straightens her hair because he doesn't want his daughter to appear African-American.

TMZ says the judge finally ordered that neither Halle or Gabriel could do anything to Nahla's hair and it had to grow back in naturally. (Can they cut it? Put it in a ponytail? What?)

This sounds like a couple who can't agree on anything! I mean, seriously, going to court over a little girl's hair?? Maybe she asked for it to be straightened. Maybe she wanted to look like Barbie or something, who knows.

Nahla seems way too young to have her hair straightened or highlighted, but this is Hollywood. People do all kinds of things to their young kids' looks.

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I hope that Halle tried to talk to Gabriel before hauling him off to court. I'm not taking anyone's side here, but it seems a tad far-fetched that he would try to hide Nahla's African-American looks when everyone in the world knows she is Halle Berry's kid.

I hope Gabriel never tries to buy Nahla a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks or all hell will break loose!

Have you ever argued with your ex about your child's hair or something else kinda stupid?


Image via Bunny, PacificCoastNews.com

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