Kate Middleton Reportedly Meddling in Prince Harry's Personal Life Again

Prince Harry, Prince William, Kate Middleton

While it might seem like Kate Middleton is meddling too much in her brother-in-law Prince Harry’s love life these days, it looks like she’s got the perfect plan to make sure he won’t spend another lonely night in the palace.

And no, we’re not talking about setting him up on a blind date or opening a Tinder account for him.


According to the Daily Mail, Kate is planning on giving Prince Harry a cute pet Labrador as a Christmas present from her and Prince William (cue the “awwwwws” now ladies!). The pregnant royal is so determined to find him a new love in his life, that she is looking for the perfect pet to give him for the holidays. A source said: 

Kate knows how much Harry loves Lupo, and how much joy he brings him, so it makes sense he should have his own puppy. She is willing to look after the dog if Harry has to go abroad for Royal duties or with the Army. 

With one child at home and one on the way, Kate is pulling out all the stops to make sure Prince Harry always has someone by his side, even if it’s just a furry little friend. Yeah, some might call it a gift that is too personal, but I absolutely LOVE this idea. I mean, rather than trying to hook him up with another single blonde, a dog would be a great way of distracting him for now. The right woman for Prince Harry will come when she comes and it's great to see the Duchess stepping back for once while still giving him a sweet, thoughtful gift that shows she cares.

And yes, this totally confirms that the royal family loves their canines. Sorry cat lovers!

What do you think of Kate’s planned Christmas gift for Prince Harry?

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