Taylor Swift Cries at American Music Awards

taylor swift lordeMusic is emotional. Taylor Swift is emotional. And so on tonight's American Music Awards, Taylor Swift cried. It wasn't because of One Direction's performance. (Is it just me or are two of their singers complete duds?) Nor was it because Christina Milian wore what looked like a red towel. But it was because of Lorde and Selena Gomez.


The first tears shed by Taylor were after Lorde's AMAZING performance. Listen, I'll admit I'm probably way too old to be Lorde's number one fan, but this kid can perform. She's elegantly awkward, a powerhouse singer, and manic and magnificent on stage. I loved every second of her performance of Yellow Flicker Beat, the song from Hunger Games. So so good. And since Lorde and Taylor are besties, the camera cut to Tay numerous times during the song and showed her singing every word -- even the ones I still can't make out after hearing the song at least 97 times. At the end of Lorde's brilliance, Taylor put both hands over her mouth and looked like she was crying happy tears for her friend.

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Then Selena Gomez came out and sang The Heart Wants What It Wants, a heartbreaking tale about her on again/off again relationship with Justin Bieber. It was lovely. Selena really sang. No lip syncing. And then she cried. And then Tay cried. Because you know Swift is also BFFs with Selena, too.

The cameras did not show any Taylor Swift reaction when One Direction played. Interesting.

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And if you are one of those who have bad things to say about Taylor Swift, did you see her accept her Dick Clark Award for Excellence? The girl knows what she's talking about. And she's humble and looked incredible in that emerald green dress. Oh, Taylor. You're so sweet.

Did you catch Taylor getting emotional on the AMAs?


Image via Taylor Swift/Instagram

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