Comedian Flirts With Kate Middleton & Makes Prince William Jealous

He's royalty, for god's sake, yet Prince William proved it doesn't matter who you are, you still get jealous when someone flirts with your hot wife. Kate Middleton found herself the subject of much adorable banter when British comedian Jack Whitehall, who attended the same private school as the Duchess, gushed about her at a London show in which both Will and Kate were in the audience. And the 32-year-old prince, who is going to be a daddy again, made sure to bring it up when he spoke with Whitehall after the show.


Whitehall is a few years younger than Kate and, from what it sounds like, he adored her from far away, but admitted on a U.K. talk show that "it was never going to happen." But when the funnyman found himself actually performing for the royal couple, he joked (or was he joking? hmmm) that Kate was the "one that got away." It's a totally adorable and harmless thing to say.

After the show, Will apparently approached Whitehall and said -- in a "passive aggressive" manner, according to the comedian -- "Oh, so you were flirting with my missus? Oh no that was very funny!"

Oh, who can ever tell with these Brits whether they're being sarcastic or serious, right? I'm sure Will was just joking with the guy, but a part of me loves to think of him feeling just a wee bit jealous and territorial when learning that another man is coveting his wife -- while she's pregnant with baby #2, which just makes this more awesome.

No word on whether Kate blushed at the mention of her name, but it's always nice to receive a sweet compliment, and she totally deserves one -- especially given her recent bout with extreme morning sickness and her uncanny ability to look stunningly stylish while preggers.

Do you think Will got jealous at the comedy event or was he just kidding around? 


Image via WPA Pool/Getty Images

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