Jennifer Aniston Says She was the 'Original' Kim Kardashian (PHOTOS)


Jennifer AnistonKim Kardashian may have "broke the Internet" with her instantly infamous Paper magazine nude photo shoot, but Jennifer Aniston was the O.G. when it comes to naked butts on magazine covers. The Friends alum recently compared her nude Rolling Stones cover to Kim K's Paper one, and I think it's fair to say the two won't be texting about lunch plans for lettuce and water anytime soon.


On Thursday, November 20, Aniston dished to Extra at the Hollywood premiere of Horrible Bosses 2 about her Rolling Stone cover back in March 1996, for which she flashed her bum.

Jennifer Aniston Rolling Stone Cover

"Oh, way, yeah. I was an original," the 45-year-old said, nearly 20 years after her hiney went on full display at newsstands.

"[Mine] was just innocent, there's nothing aggressive about that," she admitted, in what may have been a veiled insult toward Kardashian's oiled up and in your face look in Paper.

When Extra called her a "pioneer" in the bare butt shot magazine covers, Justin Theroux's fiancée playfully said, "Sorry, Kim K."

Kim Kardashian Paper

Ha! While we maybe can argue about there being anything innocent at all about being nude on a magazine cover, when Jen's and Kim's are compared, it's hard not to love the sweetness of the former's. Sure, she has that come hither look, but it's definitely more intimate, like she's looking at her man and willing him to fall back into bed with her. Very much a naked girl next door look.

Whereas Kim's ... well Kim is just daring you to look at her butt. As if we haven't seen it before. I say Jen takes the win on this one.

Who do you think had the better naked butt cover photo?


Images via Splash News, Rolling Stone & Paper

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