Kim Kardashian Wants to Have a New Baby But Only Under ONE Condition

Kim KardashianIt's no secret that Kim Kardashian is eager for another baby. But I will say I was surprised when I heard she was going for number two so soon, given how difficult her first pregnancy was. Kim made no secret out of the fact that she hated being pregnant, and considering that she had preeclampsia among other issues, who can blame her? Which is why this latest rumor has the ring of truth to it ... Kim is reportedly considering using a surrogate for North's sibling.


A source tells RadarOnline:

There’s no way she’s having a kid anytime soon. It took so long to get her body back that she’s even told friends she might have someone else carry the baby the next time around!

Oh, erm, wait. You mean it has nothing to do with her painful pregnancy -- and everything to do with wanting to show off her champagne-glass-balancing backside some more?

Although Kim now says she's happier with her body than ever, it wasn't that long ago that she was whining on Twitter about how she couldn't shed those last 20 pounds. And it's likely it will be even more difficult the second time around.

Hey, having babies is tough and I'm not one to tell anyone what to do with their body, and I especially wouldn't tell a woman to have a baby who is wary of it. But there is something a bit strange about having someone else have your kid just because you don't want to lose your toned abs or have your backside spread out anymore.

Kim is 34. She's going to find out sooner rather than later that there is more to life than a perfect body and a smooth complexion. I don't think women get any less attractive when they age -- some of the sexiest women in Hollywood are in their 40s -- but let's all be real here. The body is just a shell -- and one that ages!

But if Kim wants to use a surrogate, I'm not going to judge. But the world will. I can't imagine Kim actually even going through with this, because the sanctimonious uproar would be deafening. Good thing the source also added that Kim was probably joking when she mentioned the surrogate. Ha. HA!

Do you judge her for wanting a surrogate?


Image via KimKardashian/Instagram

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