Image of Kim Kardashian's Butt Being Used to Help Teens Prep for College

Kim Kardashian

That bare ass photo from Kim Kardashian's Paper magazine photo shoot may not have "broken the Internet," but it could help the graduating class of 2015 get into college! I know, crazy, right? But Catalyst Prep, an SAT prep course, came up with a pretty genius way of using Kim's plump rear as a teaching moment!


Catalyst decided to make practice test questions out of Kim's major proportions and came up with some mind benders like these that they tweeted:



Now, I don't know about you (and it's been a long while since I had anything to do with the SATs), but I couldn't answer any of them!  However, it's great to see that those pictures could be put to some good use -- who would have thought that education would be it?

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It got me thinking that more SAT prep classes would have a lot more interested students if they made questions out of pop culture! I'm sure there is a fraction question to be made using all of Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriends or a word problem using the number of fights in the history of the Real Housewives divided by the number of tears ...

I also can't help but wonder if Kim herself has seen her butt in "test form" and if she could answer any of those equations!

Do you think you would have done better on the SATs if you practiced with some pop culture-inspired questions?


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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