Jennifer Lopez & Iggy Azalea Issued Strict 'Booty' Rules for AMAs

Jennifer Lopez, Iggy AzaleaExecutives over at ABC are apparently not as into the booty as the rest of America seems to be these days. TMZ is reporting that the network bigwigs are a bit freaked out by a scheduled upcoming performance of "Booty" by Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea on Sunday night's American Music Awards.


According to TMZ, the "nervous" execs have put some ground rules in place for the singers, and they include "no cracks" and "no rubbing." It's unclear as to whether this includes twerking or not, but interestingly, it's rumored that spanking will be allowed.

Thank goodness for that. What good is a performance of a song called "Booty" if there isn't at least a little bit of naughty spanking involved?

The word is that the "live" feed will be on a three to four second delay, just in case the general viewing public might accidentally catch a glimpse of an ass crack, or God forbid, a wardrobe malfunction involving a nip slip.

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Doesn't this seem just the littlest bit silly to anyone else? Over the years I've seen Justin Timberlake rip Janet Jackson's top off, Miley Cryus twerk her rear in Robin Thicke's crotch, Kim Kardashian topless on a motorcycle, Kim Kardashian in a thong bikini, Kim Kardashian's bare naked, greased up butt, and in the one image I would erase from my brain if I could, Kim Kardashian full-frontal nude.

But you know, ass cracks not allowed!

It just seems as though maybe ABC should've picked another song to feature at the AMAs if they are so concerned with butts. "Booty," in case anyone doesn't know or couldn't guess, is a song about butts. Big, beautiful, bootylicious butts. I don't think anyone watching will be offended by a little rub or visible crack.


Do you think ABC is being silly with their "Booty" rules for Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea?


Image via Iggy Azalea/Instagram

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