Kate Middleton's Latest Feud With Queen Elizabeth Might Be the Worst Yet

Queen Elizabeth Kate Middleton

Sigh. Even though she's been a permanent part of the royal family for quite some time now, rumors about a feud brewing between Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth continue to persist and show no signs of letting up anytime soon. And actually, it sounds like their relationship keeps getting more and more strained as time goes on, to the point where you have to wonder how Kate manages to keep herself so calm and collected around her in-laws.


According to the December 1 issue of OK! magazine, things are definitely getting personal this time. Kate is supposedly all bent out of shape because she wants to have a Christmas Eve party at Anmer Hall, and of course, Queen Elizabeth won't allow it because it might interfere with the other royal holiday plans.

Apparently Kate told some of her friends, "I'm not bending over backwards for the Queen, I'll throw a party whenever I want to!"

(Sheesh. Way to put your foot down, honey.)

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Aside from the Christmas debate, the Queen also reportedly isn't happy with the fact that Kate would rather live at Anmer Hall as opposed to Kensington Palace. That could be part of the reason she's giving her grief about entertaining her pals during the holidays.

Oh, and get this one, the report also states that Kate refuses to leave Prince George alone with the Queen. She believes the Queen simply uses him as a "photo prop" but then passes him off to her staff to care for him.

OMG. I guess Kate shouldn't really expect to count on the Queen as a reliable babysitter, being that she's a little old for that sort of thing, but wouldn't you be a little bit ticked off if your son's great-grandmother couldn't be bothered with him? 

And then on top of that, if the bit about Kate's holiday plans being squashed because she has to adhere strictly to royal traditions is true, it's totally understandable that she would be pretty upset, annoyed, and frankly downright pissed that she can't enjoy a "normal" holiday celebration.

But that begs one very important question. Why in the heck doesn't Prince William intervene to at least try and keep the peace between these two? Given how hard Kate's pregnancy has been, you'd think her hubby could stand up to his granny for once so the mother of his kids could have a merry Christmas.

(Ugh. Princess or not, sometimes being Kate Middleton really kind of sucks.)

Do you think Kate has a right to be mad if these claims are true?


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