Michael Phelps Betrayed By Girlfriend Who Was Born a Man (PHOTO)

michael phelpsMichael Phelps is in the spotlight once again for something other than swimming. He's still "doing time" in rehab after he was caught excessively speeding and weaving his car and charged with DUI -- his second such charge and he's only 29 years old. The first was when he was 19. But the new news involves his so-called girlfriend Taylor Lianne Chandler. She was born intersex.


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Taylor, 41, was born David Roy Fitch, an intersex baby with a penis and a uterus -- he didn't have testicles or ovaries. As a teenager, David felt he was more of a she and changed his name to Paige Victoria Whitney before undergoing surgery to fully become a woman. She later changed her name to Taylor Lianne Chandler. I'm not really concerned with this information -- things like this happen, she was born with male and female parts. I'm happy her parents didn't make the decision for her and she was able to do so when she was older and understood herself more. But I am upset that instead of telling Michael, her supposed boyfriend, she told the world first. Though she claims she told him just before she went public with the information. Michael hasn't said a word about any of this, so all the details are one-sided.

I know many people are laughing at this fact and saying Phelps had sex with a man! He didn't. And even if he did ... so? I feel bad for Michael -- why is she going public with the news? What's her motive? She shouldn't make a spectacle out of this. Was she paid for her story? It doesn't matter if she were born intersex and had sex with Michael -- what matters is she is making a circus out of their relationship by going to the press with details that are really no one's business.

Taylor told Radar that she was on Tinder and met Michael on the site in August. They first hung out on September 21 to watch a football game -- the Ravens to be exact -- and they "made love during halftime." She also said:

Later, we had sex again. The intimacy with him was amazing! It was the first time in my life that someone has made me feel like a true woman.

I'm happy for her. She deserves to feel like a true woman, but Michael doesn't deserve to be treated like this. Taylor admits that she never told him about her life, but she maintains that she didn't lie to him. Still, that's not something you ask someone. So were you born a woman or a man? Come on, Taylor. She says she isn't certain if their relationship will continue once Michael is out of rehab later this week. I'm going to bet that Michael is going to feel betrayed by her -- that she basically did a kiss-and-tell with a celebrity for her own personal gain. Let's hope this doesn't derail his sobriety.

What do you think of Taylor going public without telling Michael first?


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