William & Kate's New Money-Making Scheme Is an Absolute Disgrace

Prince William and Kate Middleton

If you want to spend a little time rubbing elbows with Prince William and Kate Middleton, it’s going to cost you a lot of Benjamins. Apparently, celebrities are willing to spend at least $1 million to have the royal couple make an appearance with them during their upcoming US trip.

And of course, there’s a catch to that price tag as well.


According to the UK’s Daily Mail, the NBA has reportedly paid $1 million to have the royal couple attend a Brooklyn Nets game when they visit New York City next month (from December 7 to 9). Prince George’s parents will be in a private box during the game and will also have an opportunity to meet LeBron James as well. Here’s what they’re reporting:

Basketball bosses have made a $1 million donation to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s charity as a ‘thank you’ for the couple attending an NBA game, MailOnline has learned. The Duke and Duchess will watch the Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Brooklyn Nets during their three-day visit to New York next month. The decision by the couple to attend the match means they will meet LeBron James, currently America’s biggest sports star.

Considering that Jay Z and Beyonce are avid Net fans, I’m sure we’ll also be seeing great photo ops of them and the royal couple. And while I’m incredibly excited about the Duchess coming to New York City (read: I CANNOT WAIT), the fact that the NBA has to pay a million bucks for her and the Prince to attend a basketball game doesn’t sit too well with me. I mean, I fully support them trying to support their charities, but it also sounds like they are charging celebrities to “rent” them for a night. Call me a skeptic but doesn't this sound like corporate sponsorship? It's not like Prince William or the Duchess has ever shown any interest in a basketball game before. 

Do you think this is an appropriate way to help their charities?

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