Desperate Kim Kardashian Will Never Get the One Thing She Truly Wants

Kim Kardashian

Let's get real about Kim Kardashian for just a second. There's no doubt that she's very famous, has millions of devoted fans all over social media, and her naked body can "break the Internet." But that doesn't mean she has respect from big, A-list stars in Hollywood. And if the rumors are true, Angelina Jolie just made that crystal clear!


According to the Australian website The Fix, both Kim and Angelina were "down under" this week promoting very different things. Kim was there to promote her new fragrance and everything else "team Kardashian." Angie, however, was in town for the huge world premiere of the film Unbroken that she directed and is getting huge Oscar buzz for. This was a major celebration and Angie even walked the carpet with husband Brad Pitt. So of course Kim wanted to attend one of the hottest events in Sydney this week and meet Brangelina too.

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Now, Kim's reps are denying it, but apparently Angelina caught wind that Kim wanted to be there (and wanted to meet her and Brad) and personally put the kibosh on that happening! Reportedly, Kim begged to get in, but Angelina was adamant that she didn't want to be associated with Kim and didn't want a photo opp with her on the red carpet.

Kim's camp told Daily Mail Australia, "The story is preposterous. Completely false‎. She did not ask to attend the premiere." But I have a different perspective on this. Whether the story is true or not, there is just no way that a star of Angelina's caliber is ever going to want to hang out with Kim or any of the Kardashians. While Kim has proven to be a smart business woman with her brand of reality TV, naked photo shoots, and eyebrow raising stunts like, say, 72-day marriages -- stars like Angelina are just as successful for building brands around more tasteful things like charity work and directing critically acclaimed films like Unbroken.

Truth be told, the Hollywood elite are going to see Kim as kryptonite if she shows up at their events or hangs out on the red carpet with them. Big stars have nothing to gain from hanging with Kim except a lot of media scrutiny while Kim has everything to gain from latching on to the Brangelinas of the world.

So, Kim, keep doing what you are doing. It seems to be working for you, but don't be surprised that "breaking the Internet" with your ass may be polarizing to Hollywood heavyweights like Angelina Jolie!

Do you think Angelina really DID ban Kim from her premiere?

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