Duggars Respond to Kissing Controversy by Posting MORE Kissing Photos

jessa ben seewald kissWhat is it with the Duggar family and all these kissing photos? First it was Jessa and Ben Seewald who kicked off the trend. These apparently hot-for-each-other newlyweds posted a steamy kiss to Instagram to show just how much they were in loooove. Then, for whatever reason, parents Jim Bob and Michelle followed suit and issued a challenge for all couples in love to post their own kissing photos and add them to the official Duggar Facebook page.


Guess who's next in line? That's right, Jill Duggar and her husband Derick Dillard joined in on the fun.


A photo posted by Derick Dillard (@derickdillard) onNov 11, 2014 at 5:47am PST

Clearly the Duggars don't mind showing off their PDA -- as long as you're married and as long as you're straight! The Duggars were the subject of much scrutiny lately when it was revealed that they deleted same-sex couples kissing from their Facebook page. Looks like this is their way of saying they don't care what anyone thinks; the family will keep posting kissing photos 'til the cows come home.

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This has enraged the gay community, with a petition going around asking for the Duggars' show, 19 Kids and Counting, to be removed from the air. Already 5,000 signatures have been collected, but from what we know about the Duggars, they'll stick to what they believe in and they really could care less what you think about them. Their way of life works for them. It's their Facebook page. They can keep up whichever photos they like, though how they didn't see the controversy coming is impossible to know.

It's just too bad we couldn't get a glimpse of Jill's growing baby bump in that kissing photo!

Do you think the Duggars should lay low for now or keep posting kissing photos?


Image via jessaseewald/Instagram

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