The Reason Kourtney Kardashian Needs to Treat Scott Disick Like a Child (VIDEO)

During the Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons press junket, the Sisters K warned me this season would be their darkest yet, but I still wasn't prepared for the insanity that ensued on last Sunday's episode when Scott Disick (excuse me, Lord) got rip roaring drunk as soon as Kourtney jetted back to LA with their kids.


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Throughout the previous episodes it's been clear Scott is going through a tumultuous time with revisiting his childhood home after his parents' passing, not having a clear career path (that radio co-hosting snub stung), and sparring with Kourtney on a daily basis. With his significant other gone, it's not surprising he let loose, but who the hell are these so called friends of his who can't help reign him in (I'm looking at you, Nate)?

As made evident by the below clip, Scott is in need of real help (and security guy Drew is in need of a real raise -- make it happen, Kards). It's hard to watch a grown man self destruct before your very eyes, and while admittedly I have felt Kourtney has been too hard on Scott in the past, this clip makes it obvious why she treats him the way she does.

And check out the irony of Kourtney flying back to LA to intervene as Kim Kardashian attempts to use her sister's house as the venue for North West's birthday. I'm fairly certain Kim and Kanye West would have left that place spotless (or their cleaning crew would have), but now Kourt has a ginormous mess to clean up of Scott's when she returns.

Do you think Scott and Kourtney can make their relationship work?

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