Uncle Poodle's 6 Most Jaw-Dropping Revelations on Dr. Phil (VIDEO)

Mama June Uncle PoodleYesterday, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo's scandal-plagued matriarch Mama June made her mea culpa on Dr. Phil, admitting that she made a mistake (ya think?!) by meeting up with her former boyfriend, AKA her eldest child's molester, but refused to admit she had a relationship with him. According to her, she had only seen Mark McDaniel twice, and once was by coincidence, and the other time was to let 14-year-old Pumpkin get closure with him since she used to believe he was her father. But today, Sugar Bear's brother, Lee "Uncle Poodle" Thompson, smashed Mama June's version of events to smithereens. Here are 6 jaw-dropping moments from his sitdown with Dr. Phil.


1. Mama June brought him house hunting. Uncle Poodle, who often acts as June's chauffeur (she is legally blind), says he first met McDaniel when Mama June asked him to drive her to meet him. Uncle Poodle said that he did not know who McDaniel was. Mama June was house hunting and brought Pumpkin and Alana along. This is where Uncle Poodle snapped a photo of June and McDaniel holding hands. (It's unclear if it's where the photo of McDaniel touching Alana's shoulder on a staircase was taken, but it seems likely.) Poodle says it wasn't until he got home and started to remember that her former boyfriend's name was Mark and began to "put two and two together" that he looked up McDaniel and realized who he was. "I couldn't understand why she would bring her 9-year-old daughter around a man who molested her daughter 10 years ago," he said.

2. The bedroom photo is real. Uncle Poodle says the photo of Mama June on a bed with McDaniel is real, and that he knows this because the headboard is the same as the headboard that was in a motel where he stayed with Mama June, Mark, Alana, Pumpkin, and Poodle's husband, Alan. Oddly, however, he claims he isn't the one who took the picture. Wonder who it was? Would love to hear the full story behind that! It's hard to believe that Mama June wouldn't have known someone was taking a picture of her.

3. Honey Boo Boo was in a bed with the sex offender. Uncle Poodle claims he took a weekend-long vacation with June, McDaniel, Alana, Pumpkin, and his husband, Alan. This is where he says he saw McDaniel snuggling in a bed with Alana and Mama June. Strangely, he says that all of them shared the same room, that's how he saw it. (Seriously, is TLC not paying them enough for separate rooms?)

4. Mama June was definitely in a sexual relationship with McDaniel. Uncle Poodle says the two weren't exactly dating, but more in a SOWB (sex offender with benefits) relationship. He claims he saw them "lovey dovey" and kissing in the back seat of the car. He also says that one time they discussed their sexual escapades in front of Alana, who just laughed at it. (Ew!) "It got graphic," he said, thankfully sparing us the graphics.

5. TLC cancelled the show because of Mama June. Uncle Poodle claims that after Mama and Sugar Bear broke up, TLC ordered her to "behave" and "stay out of the media." Which, erm, she didn't exactly do. He also says he never wanted to wrest control of Alana from Mama June, only that he would step up if he needed to.

6. CPS investigated Mama June. Uncle Poodle claims he was interviewed by CPS and he gave his whole side of the story to them -- and that they said they were investigating. But he hasn't heard anything since then.

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Uncle Poodle then capped off his shocking revelations by passing a polygraph test with flying colors.

However, he never explains why, if he was so outraged that Mama June would bring Alana around McDaniel, he would agree to accompany all of them on a vacation, even after he knew who he was. The explanation he gives to Dr. Phil is that he wanted to keep an eye on Alana. My guess is he also saw an opportunity to cash in.

But even so, the pictures he (and someone else -- supposedly) released destroyed the Honey Boo Boo empire -- and it was that empire that Poodle was benefiting from too. At least all of this seems to have broken the two of them up, and it's unlikely he'll ever get around Honey Boo Boo again.

Do you believe Uncle Poodle?

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