Tori Spelling Reveals Who Has Let Her Down the Most & It's Not Dean!

Tori SpellingIf you're Tori Spelling, there's no way you're just gonna lie in a hospital bed and drink fluids and get well 'n' stuff -- you're gonna create drama! Preferably, passive aggressive drama. And Tori managed to do it all with an IV drip in her arm. While in the hospital with pneumonia/"Ebola" a month ago, Tori wrote on Instagram:

Sadly I've finally faced truth that 1 person will never be there 4 me #TrueTori


Since she hashtagged it #TrueTori, most people assumed she was talking about her gadabout husband, Dean. But others, like myself, understood Tori's pathology too well and figured she was talking about her mother, Candy. Even Candy thought she was talking about Candy and denied it on Twitter after blogger Perez Hilton came out and asked.

But finally Tori has -- in her passive aggressive way -- revealed who it was she was referring to. Hoda Kobt asked her on Today:

We’ve talked to your mom on the show a number of times, and we talked about your relationship with her and healing it. In the hospital, did something happen that either solidified that or made it clear that there are boundaries?

Wow, what a long-winded roundabout way of asking if Candy visited her in the hospital or not! This is why Hoda gets the big bucks. Tori answered:

Um ... it’s not something I’m willing to get into out of respect, but nothing happened in the hospital.

Not willing to get into?!! Tori, you TWEETED about it! Grr. Hoda, not having it, pushes a little harder:

So, you didn’t hear from her or anything?

Tori replies, "No."

So there you have it. Sounds very suspiciously like Tori heard NOTHING from her mom while she was sick. But since Tori has been sick so often, maybe her mom just kind of forgot to go visit. I mean, I'm totally having major deja vu right now because I've written about Tori being sick so often. So maybe Candy thought she went to visit, but really, she was thinking about another time.

She also says Dean did step up for her in a big way -- and it doesn't sound like those two are split up like we thought. At least not today.

Do you think Tori and Candy will ever mend their relationship?


Image via ToriSpelling/Instagram

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