Kourtney Kardashian Has Good Reason to Hate Sister Kim Right Now

Kim KardashianJust in case you've somehow forgotten that Kim Kardashian is the most spoiled and entitled woman to walk the face of the planet, a recent tiff between her and sister Kourtney highlighted it perfectly. Kim asked Kourtney if she could throw North West's first birthday party at Kourt's house and Kourt very clearly said NO, en-oh (seriously, anyone could have heard it) but apparently you do not say no to Kim Kardashian ...


Unbeknownst to Kourtney, who was in the Hamptons with Scott (who is quickly becoming the F. Scott Fitzgerald of Long Island -- minus that whole writing of genius books thing), Kim was all, "Did Kourt say I could have North's party at her house? I think she said this strange word called 'no,' which I'm pretty sure means go ahead and do what you want!" So Kim just went ahead and decided to set up for the party anyway, which Kourtney found out about when invites when out.

Kourtney decided to fly cross-country to confront her sister head-on, and what follows is like something out of the Jim Jones book for how to mass manipulate and brainwash people. Despite the fact that Kourtney had said NO, she did not want Kim using her backyard for her party, Kim had trucks and cranes everywhere, most of which were driving all over Kourtney's perfectly emerald lawn. And when Kourtney asked Kim what she was doing at her house, Kim actually had the nerve to ask HER what she was doing there!

I can totally see now why Kim managed to get famous without any discernible talent. She merely stares blankly at you and somehow conjures up what she wants. Because when Kourtney reminded her that she had told her no, no party, Kim just stared blankly at her and told Kourtney all the reasons she SHOULD have the party there! It's insane! I really need to study this woman.

Eventually, Kourtney caved in (of course she does) and allowed the party (not that she could have done much about it then since her lawn was already crowded with trucks, cranes, and various party paraphernalia). I tell you, I would HATE having Kim as a sister -- unless I wanted her to get me something, and then I would totally love it.

Who was in the wrong?