Kourtney Kardashian Is Fed Up With Family Events Being 'The Kim Show'

Kourtney Kardashian

Don’t you just hate it when your family won’t give you your time to shine? Me too. Apparently, Kourtney Kardashian is sick and tired of having to share the spotlight with her sisters when it should completely be on her -- especially since she is pregnant.

Things have gotten so bad that the soon-to-be mama of three did something that most people would never imagine doing to their own families.


According to Radar Online, Kourtney only invited her close friends to her recent baby shower at an IHOP restaurant because she didn’t want to be overshadowed by her attention-seeking sisters (and that’s just putting it lightly). Apparently, her previous shower was all about her sister Kim Kardashian and how she needed a police escort to leave the party with her daughter, North West. Kourt was pissed that Kimmy Cakes made it all about her again. A source said:

The baby shower on Wednesday was the ‘Kim Show’ and Kourtney can’t deal. She keeps it real but is just fed up with all of the drama going on right now. She has managed to stay the same even though everyone in the family has completely changed.

Whoa. That last sentence really hits home because it is true: everyone in the Kardashian family either looks different or acts completely different than they did a few years ago, with the exception of Kourtney. Sure, she has her problems with her beau Scott Disick, but she is the only family member who has managed to keep her life drama-free while taking care of her babies at home.

I mean, you’ve got Kim posing naked in trash bags, Khloe chasing after bad boy rappers, Kendall taking on the modeling world, and Kylie blowing up her lips on Instagram. And of course let’s not forget her mama Kris Jenner and her very YOUNG, new boyfriend. I don’t blame Kourtney for banning her sisters from her fete, as I would probably do the same!

Are you surprised the Kourtney didn’t invite the rest of the Kardashian family to her IHOP baby shower?

Image via Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram 

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