Kate Middleton Reveals Exact Number of Kids She Plans to Have With Prince William

Kate Middleton

Considering what a tough time she had not only with her first pregnancy, but also her second, no one would really blame the Duchess of Cambridge if baby number two winds up being her last. But according to a new rumor in The Globe, Kate Middleton wants four kids in total, all by the time she's 36 years old. If you do that math, that gives her a good four years to get the ball rolling on the next two. (Plenty of time.)


A source supposedly said, "She is determined. She refuses to be beaten down by the crippling illness condition that has laid her low twice now. She wants two more children after this pregnancy and she will put up with vomiting and severe dehydration to complete their family."

Damn. What a trooper!

Sooooo, where, exactly, is she getting the magic number four from, you ask? Well, apparently she figures popping out two more kiddos after this one will make Prince William's dear granny, Queen Elizabeth, happy, you know, because she's a mum of four too.

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But get this one, the rumor also suggests that Wills isn't exactly on board with Kate having any more babies after their second child makes his or her entrance. Quite frankly, he isn't keen on the idea of poor Kate barfing her guts out a third and fourth time for the sake of producing additional heirs and/or heiresses. Can you blame him? Dude just wants his wife to be all healthy and normal again. (Gah.)

While we probably shouldn't read too much into this report, being that it stems from a tabloid, would you really be all that surprised if Kate and Wills do wind up having more than just two children? For whatever reason, I can totally see her as one of those moms who can easily handle kid after kid without losing her sh*% even once.

(Go ahead and bring on babies number three and four, Kate. We're totally ready, and we know you are too.)

Do you think this will be Kate's last pregnancy?


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