Kylie Jenner Boob Job Rumors Are Pretty Tough to Deny (PHOTOS)

Kylie Jenner

Speculation over whether or not she's had plastic surgery has plagued her ever since her lips blew up like a balloon overnight first appeared noticeably fuller, and now there is reason to believe that Kylie Jenner may have had a boob job. RadarOnline consulted Dr. Neal Handel, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, and after looking at photos of Kylie, he says that her breasts are "distinctly larger than they used to be."


Oh, and he also notes that her sudden chest enhancement is "typically associated with breast enlargement surgery."

And honestly, if you look at this recent picture of Kylie in a bandeau top, her girls really do appear to be a lot fuller than what you'd expect on her petite frame.

Kylie Jenner

Wow. Holy BOOBS. They're totally popping out of the top of her bra/top/whatever the hell it is.

Given how tiny Kylie is, it just seems strange for her breasts to suddenly be this large if she hasn't gone under the knife. I mean, I know she insists that she hasn't had any sort of plastic surgery done to her face, but how can she possibly deny that her girls have gone up a cup size or two?

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I guess it's possible that she's wearing some kind of state of the art push-up bra, but still, it's tough to fake having breasts with a perfectly round shape if they aren't ... fake and round.

In contrast, check out this photo of Kylie in a bikini, taken last spring.


thanks to my bestie @thescottycunha & his excellent candids

A photo posted by Kylizzle (@kyliejenner) onMar 3, 2014 at 9:49pm PDT


Yeah. There's a difference. For sure.

But on a positive note, if she has had her boobs done, at least she didn't go too overboard as far as their size goes. While they are larger than what we've seen on her in the past, they aren't too big, so she still looks reasonably proportionate. If she wasn't in the public eye, there's a decent chance no one would've picked up on the obvious difference.

(Man. Sometimes it really sucks to be part of the Kardashian crew.)

Do you think Kylie had a boob job?


Images via kyliejenner/Instagram; Splash News

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